Tuesday, February 19, 2008


is the condition of having more than one head.
I have this condition and you can too!

Extra Head Stand:
(summarized and modified from Craft Magazine)
Requested materials-
Styrofoam wig head (recycled if possible)
Papier mache: wood glue, flour, water
Wire whisk
[optional] factory finish spray shellac

*click for a bigger image* The clear tray and Plaster of Paris was meant to make a base for the stand but i deemed it unnecessary so you can ignore those.

DISCLAIMER: This is a messy project, perfect for channeling your inner pre-k enthusiasm. Prepare to abandon stress, ye that proceedeth.

1. Cut newspaper into strips. Tip: Recycle something unique for your newsprint. Paper in another language would look rad, in my case I used an old LUSH catalog because I wanted some color on the finished product.
2. Mix 1 cup warm water, 1/2 cup flour, 2-3 squirts of wood glue until smooth.
3. Dip newspaper strips in the mixture, apply to wig head, use small strips around nose and mouth.
4. For a glossy look, spray with shellac.

mere moments after I cleaned the mache off my hands:


What do you think?


Subversive-Lisa said...

I'm a secret crafter and I loved the PolyHead! Looks like a good therapy activity I could really get into. Who cares about mess?

R.C. Price said...

I confess, I scrapbook but not much else in the craft corner. It is cool to see and be instructed in other kinds of art.