Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The Craft Punk is out of sorts today. She is disinclined to bring you this

Special Edition
of Craft Punk brought to you buy: Craft Funk

Would you like to turn that boring t-shirt upside down?
1. Choose a shirt, consider that the finished product will be flip-flopped bottom to top.
2. Cut the shirt as shown with the white dotted lines:

3. (optional) Cut off the back panel if you desire a halter top.
4. Thread ribbon, string , or
maybe a shoelace through the shirt's bottom hem. The easiest way is by attaching a safety pin to the edge and bunching the fabric as you go, or using tweezers to pull it through.
5. Put the shirt on and secure the tie around your neck.

In the beginning And with the shirt there was a word, and the word was... docious?