Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The Craft Punk is out of sorts today. She is disinclined to bring you this

Special Edition
of Craft Punk brought to you buy: Craft Funk

Would you like to turn that boring t-shirt upside down?
1. Choose a shirt, consider that the finished product will be flip-flopped bottom to top.
2. Cut the shirt as shown with the white dotted lines:

3. (optional) Cut off the back panel if you desire a halter top.
4. Thread ribbon, string , or
maybe a shoelace through the shirt's bottom hem. The easiest way is by attaching a safety pin to the edge and bunching the fabric as you go, or using tweezers to pull it through.
5. Put the shirt on and secure the tie around your neck.

In the beginning And with the shirt there was a word, and the word was... docious?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pop /tab/ fashion

Hi-de-ho neighbor. I found a tutorial on making funky fresh pop-tab belts at Oh So Crafty's blog.

The instructions she provides are very image heavy and detailed, so I shan't restate them here. Creating a belt seemed a tad ambitious for my purposes. I made a bracelet, following the directions closely with help from the pictures. I'm gonna say... it wasn't easy. I worked on it for about an hour and I think the length is perfect.

I love the creative recycling you can incorporate into fashion with pop tabs. I have a crocheted pop tab purse from Escama Studio that my new bracelet will match.!

But wait...Is there such a thing as too much pop?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Aye, Eye patch(s)!

Shiver me timbers! I can never fall asleep at night. I'll attribute that to my overactive mind. Usually light is coming in the window/ the smoke alarm is blinking/etc. Solution: I want a nifty eye mask. After seeing this picture of Michael Cera, I want a very similar eye mask. Mainly so I can emulate him.
The eye mask he is modeling so adorably is by intimates designer Mary Green, and you can get this exact one HERE!

However, since I lack the mad skillz necessary to sew an eye mask with a sewing machine, I talked my grandma- hereafter referred to as Oma- into sewing it while I helped and observed. This is the account of the extraordinary events that followed.

*Click the tiny pictures for larger ones

12:30 pm- We discuss the design based on the materials at hand. We cut a pattern to base the measurements on.

12:45- I decide on a sage green cloth for the front and pink satin for the back.
1:00- After questioning how I could get the words on the mask, I decide to write directly on the fabric and lightly iron the fabric to set it.

1:25- Tracing the text took a while to do carefully. The sage cloth is cut. Oma comments that her scissors need sharpening...

1:35- Oma pins the elastic straps to the fabric for the front. The pink lining is cut and we make a decision to put in some light batting for cushioning. You have to have less batting than fabric so it doesn't bunch up.

1:45- Oma deftly sews around the edge of the inside out mask, avoiding the elastic bands.

1:55- After cutting slits in the edges to make bending easier, I observe excitedly while Oma carefully turns the mask inside out.

2:00pm- I squeal at how cute it is, while Oma sews up the gap using a blind stitch. She declares that we should add a top stitch around the edge "for more pizazz" because "it puts the icing on the cake". It also makes the finished product stronger, more durable.

2:10- Sleep mask photo shoot! Kudos to Oma (pictured below) for walking me though the process of making my own eye masks. These would make adorable presents as they can be personalized for the recipient.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the awesomesauce mask I got out of this live blog, and I'm looking forward to a good night of GLORIOUS SLEEP working on my novel.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Button, button, who's got the button?

The buttons are done and they want a cozy shoulder to rest on.
Contest :
one winner thus far. Get 'em while they're hot FREE.

EDIT: Contest is over. Keep your eyes out for the next one!

Hello Stranger(s)

My spring break was pretty keen. However, I'm certain some of my loyal readers missed me oodles. So under these peculiar circumstances, I feel it is my bounden duty to inform you that your suffering will not be unwitnessed!
What do I propose?

First three comments on this post win a St. Patrick's Day pin made by the infamous CRAFT PUNK herself!!!!!!!!!!!!


It could be YOU! FOR THE WIN.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Work your bleach

As you can see, my shirts are being modeled by Ellen Page. If I post my picture on the internet, some weirdo might poorly photoshop my head on their own body -ahem- kidnap me. Never use your own face, it's reckless and unsafe! Serio.
The design on this shirt was inspired by Across the Universe movie posters. I sketched the outline and then used a penknife to slice out a bit of the faces.

I'm not glorifying violence, trust. Skulls used to be trendy, and skulls represent death! Right?
More examples of ironic guns in fashion and decorating: gun necklace, gun flower vase, gun lamp, and gun pattern t-shirt.

You be the judge.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Good enough title for Nirvana's debut album, good enough for this blog post.
I do believe this craft (If you can call mind-blowing clothing modification a craft. I can.) is my most universally appealing yet. Boys and girls, young and old: Unite!

Bleach your works:

1. Find a plain dark shirt that you don't really care about. (but it needs to fit.)
2. Mix a 50/50 bleach and water solution in a spray bottle that can be set to a fine mist. Draw something menacing on the bottle with a sharpie so you or someone you love cannot mistake it for hairspray.
3. Cut out your design template and place on your shirt. Alternately, you could place items on your shirt that will create a sweet outline like tools or keys.
4. Place cardboard inside the shirt and spray with a fine mist. When the color gets close to your desired result, take the design off the shirt and rinse it with water a few times.
5. Hang up or place in dryer on low .
6. Step back and admire your work. Say out loud: "I'd tap that". You won't be able to resist.
7. Wear with attitude. You can tell people you made it and/or that it cost you hundreds of dollars from an obscure urban fashion line.

Many examples are out in the internet universe, (props to Craft Magazine for this one!) but do what makes you happy. Results post soon!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


is the condition of having more than one head.
I have this condition and you can too!

Extra Head Stand:
(summarized and modified from Craft Magazine)
Requested materials-
Styrofoam wig head (recycled if possible)
Papier mache: wood glue, flour, water
Wire whisk
[optional] factory finish spray shellac

*click for a bigger image* The clear tray and Plaster of Paris was meant to make a base for the stand but i deemed it unnecessary so you can ignore those.

DISCLAIMER: This is a messy project, perfect for channeling your inner pre-k enthusiasm. Prepare to abandon stress, ye that proceedeth.

1. Cut newspaper into strips. Tip: Recycle something unique for your newsprint. Paper in another language would look rad, in my case I used an old LUSH catalog because I wanted some color on the finished product.
2. Mix 1 cup warm water, 1/2 cup flour, 2-3 squirts of wood glue until smooth.
3. Dip newspaper strips in the mixture, apply to wig head, use small strips around nose and mouth.
4. For a glossy look, spray with shellac.

mere moments after I cleaned the mache off my hands:


What do you think?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Martha, My Dear

Even if I don't love the subject, this took skills. The idea of glorifying someone in a hand-embroidered, felted and framed work of art to reflect the subject's tastes indicates true admiration. Speaking of which, does Martha deserve this level of love? The creator, Erika of "My Imaginary boyfriend loves me!" said:

Oh Martha. . . so. . . perfect. . . so controlled. . .
She's fascinated me for ages! Many find her patronizing and pretentious but I see her as a great egalitarian. She just automatically assumes that everyone can do what she does, live like she lives. On her show, Martha, she recommends that families take the kids to Greece for Spring break and that you use imported vintage glass glitter on your gilded Christmas tree topper because she thinks that her glamorous life is attainable by all.

OK, I guess that makes it less bizarre... but I'm one of the many that find her overrated.
At least it would brighten up her cell! Wait- this just in: I'm behind the times.
In: Felt portraits of Martha Stewart
5 min ago: Martha Stewart Living
Out: "Martha Stewart in prison" punch lines

Monday, February 11, 2008

Results may vary

Oh dearie me. I put off posting the results of the gradient project because the results were... not as rad as the coveted. But! The picture doesn't look so bad. I edited out my messy room so your eyes don't bleed.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gradiant Tights for you!

Gradient tights I done myself
By The Coveted

The beauty of custom-making these is that you can choose the color, how high or low you want the gradient, and so on. I've just dyed some stockings and a white tank top and I'm letting them hang out to dry tonight. Results tomorrow!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

D.I.Y. Transfer

Oh, here's something nifty: tape transfers. The directions are quite straightforward, summarized as follows: put tape on image, soak image in warm water for 10 minutes, then rub the paper off and you're left with a semi-translucent sticker. The sticker may not have any stickiness left so be prepared to glue your transfer to the lucky home of its (your) choice. Image heavy directions were helpful too (scroll to second half). I tried it with a newspaper clipping, magazine scrap and xerox copy snippet.
My observations:
The xerox copy turned out the clearest.
The magazine was very stubborn in the rub off stage, and the results were not so impressive.
The newsprint came out very light- the low quality of the paper didn't stick very well.
Perhaps-If you want a magazine picture, xerox it first. Colors don't transfer very well.

I also did some more decoupage (directions in my last blog entry: ) The second one is on an old mint tin.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Crafting Bandit strikes again!

This installment of "Craft of the Night" fulfills my requirements of oh-so-easy and oh-so-cheap with bangin' results. While roaming my various craft blogs, I stumbled upon a decoupage light plate by Trixie and Radar which inspired me to give it a whirl. Armed with magazine clippings and recycled album artwork, I crafted my very own room brightener.
The Materials Requested:
light switch cover- 50 cents at any home improvements store like Lowe's
totally boss paper clippings of your choice
regular glue
mod podge and a cheap paint brush to apply it with

Glue the clippings down to the surface, layering each element as you please. After you have them secured, brush a light layer of mod podge all over the surface and let dry! (The label said 20 min but I found 10 to suffice) Apply to a lucky light switch of your choosing, so that everyone who enters the room may (or may not verbally) comment how jealous they are of your mad skills. Then, make more! Or you can decoupage virtually much anything else: boxes, wooden furniture, your roommate's wall, the cat's litter box... Dream big!

Monday, January 28, 2008


That sound frequently acts as a mating call, but in this case it means I'm excited. It is my esteemed pleasure to introduce you to Aronzo Aranzi. Go investigate! These books galvanized my love of all crafts adorable. The most popular in the series, The Cute Book, contains 20+ patterns for mascots- various animals and characters from the Aranzi line. these straight-forward, rewarding, and totally boss crafts require:

Some felt, color palate of your choice
Embroidery floss
An embroidery needle
filling (stuffed animal fluff, $2ish for a pillow-sized bag)
and approx. 1-2 hours

The amusing and succinct story poems that accompany each pattern contribute to the appeal of the Aranzi books, with gems like:

Kidnapper's job is to steal kids.
That white bag is his work bag.
Kidnapper is very trim,
so stuffing him with cotton
might be hard, but neat and trim he must be.

Doesn't that give you the urge to make a little kidnapper to watch you while you sleep?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

"You just got Punk*d!!"

What's this? What's this! I can't believe my eyes! Someone's been posting on my blog and that someone is... me?

No wonder I am always tired in the morning despite retiring early. How overwhelming... discoveries of this magnitude call for a nap.