Monday, February 11, 2008

Results may vary

Oh dearie me. I put off posting the results of the gradient project because the results were... not as rad as the coveted. But! The picture doesn't look so bad. I edited out my messy room so your eyes don't bleed.


Todd Bursztyn said...

The picture is hilarious; those white blotches are a very nice touch (the area surrounding the legs, not the legs themselves!) How messy could your room possibly be?

Ellenod said...

Thanks, I thought it was a nice touch. Where I set the camera to take the picture just happened to be the messiest part, the piles of craft materials and books.

TNLogan said...

I hate when a craft project doesn't turn out as glorious as I had hoped! I always get this vision in my head of just how it will look, and if it doesn't look just like that, I'm disappointed. But the tights are still cute- and I may have to try it!! It will be a new kind of craft for me- I'm a total T-shirt reconstruction type of girl, myself.