Friday, February 1, 2008

The Crafting Bandit strikes again!

This installment of "Craft of the Night" fulfills my requirements of oh-so-easy and oh-so-cheap with bangin' results. While roaming my various craft blogs, I stumbled upon a decoupage light plate by Trixie and Radar which inspired me to give it a whirl. Armed with magazine clippings and recycled album artwork, I crafted my very own room brightener.
The Materials Requested:
light switch cover- 50 cents at any home improvements store like Lowe's
totally boss paper clippings of your choice
regular glue
mod podge and a cheap paint brush to apply it with

Glue the clippings down to the surface, layering each element as you please. After you have them secured, brush a light layer of mod podge all over the surface and let dry! (The label said 20 min but I found 10 to suffice) Apply to a lucky light switch of your choosing, so that everyone who enters the room may (or may not verbally) comment how jealous they are of your mad skills. Then, make more! Or you can decoupage virtually much anything else: boxes, wooden furniture, your roommate's wall, the cat's litter box... Dream big!


Morgan said...

that is so cute! and a great idea. i'm not very crafty, but i love to copy-cat...

Christine M said...

That's really cute. My light switches are the bigger ones with less room on the light plage for decoupage fun. I'll try anyway!

eugenia said...

I love this. I think I will make one for each room in my parent's house. My mother will be thrilled.

Thomas Litchford said...

Cool. Where's that artwork from?