Friday, February 22, 2008


Good enough title for Nirvana's debut album, good enough for this blog post.
I do believe this craft (If you can call mind-blowing clothing modification a craft. I can.) is my most universally appealing yet. Boys and girls, young and old: Unite!

Bleach your works:

1. Find a plain dark shirt that you don't really care about. (but it needs to fit.)
2. Mix a 50/50 bleach and water solution in a spray bottle that can be set to a fine mist. Draw something menacing on the bottle with a sharpie so you or someone you love cannot mistake it for hairspray.
3. Cut out your design template and place on your shirt. Alternately, you could place items on your shirt that will create a sweet outline like tools or keys.
4. Place cardboard inside the shirt and spray with a fine mist. When the color gets close to your desired result, take the design off the shirt and rinse it with water a few times.
5. Hang up or place in dryer on low .
6. Step back and admire your work. Say out loud: "I'd tap that". You won't be able to resist.
7. Wear with attitude. You can tell people you made it and/or that it cost you hundreds of dollars from an obscure urban fashion line.

Many examples are out in the internet universe, (props to Craft Magazine for this one!) but do what makes you happy. Results post soon!


Todd Bursztyn said...

I love your directions because they go beyond mere step-by-step instruction. Infused with humor, what could have been very boring (especially to a non-crafter) is at least entertaining to read.

"I'd tap that" indeed...

TNLogan said...

AHHHH!!!! My favorite yet!! Can't wait to try this one. Maybe even on some old darkwash jeans?

R.C. Price said...

I thought this was an awesome idea! The bit about mistaking the bleach for hairspray was hilarious!