Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pop /tab/ fashion

Hi-de-ho neighbor. I found a tutorial on making funky fresh pop-tab belts at Oh So Crafty's blog.

The instructions she provides are very image heavy and detailed, so I shan't restate them here. Creating a belt seemed a tad ambitious for my purposes. I made a bracelet, following the directions closely with help from the pictures. I'm gonna say... it wasn't easy. I worked on it for about an hour and I think the length is perfect.

I love the creative recycling you can incorporate into fashion with pop tabs. I have a crocheted pop tab purse from Escama Studio that my new bracelet will match.!

But wait...Is there such a thing as too much pop?


Michelle F said...

Yes. Recycling is great and you get an accessory while doing it. The purse is a bit too much for me though. Love the bracelet.

SJ said...

For a nice clear tutorial on making pop tab bracelets, try this site:
Creative Origins

Cynthia Buck said...

This is amazing!