Thursday, January 24, 2008

Craft Punk is playing at my house (My house!)

I thought she would never fall asleep! I know Ellen has been dreading this, but she makes simple things overly knotty, so I've decided to step in.

The Tyler Durden aspect of a person typically does something exponentially more destructive then making your tops cuter or sewing an adorable felt mascot.
I dig cutting up clothes and changing them as I see fit, which can be loosely interpreted as crafting. My definition of crafting often includes creative recycling but more frequently explores a wide range of thing I quite simply want to make- pretty much whatever tickles my fancy. Just the other day during what Ellen thought was a nap, I cut up the sleeves of a top she bought at Goodwill and tied the ends (such an improvement over those passé bell sleeves!) If you have a top with similar sleeves, I advise you to take a page out of my book and let your inner Craft Punk make one straight slit up each sleeve, tying the ends around your arm. They should bunch a little and create a peasant effect when you push them into position.

Time for some real sleep for both of us. I will return when inspiration hits me as hard as it can.

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